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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Well, as they sell the soundtrack separately, it's quite obvious that it's very difficult to create a CD32 version including those music tracks. Unless we pay loyalties (doubt it), and the most difficult scenario, is for System 3 to produce a CD32 version including the music scores from the soundtrack, but of course we have to pay for this as a commercial game at the end. Well, I bet all my Amiga equipment if they just thought of that.
The next best thing - and sorry for contributing to this series of pipedreams - would be to just release the ISO and provide instructions on how to add music to the game by burning the tracks from your purchased copy of the soundtrack to disc alongside the data track. (If you're capable of writing an ADF back to disk, it shouldn't be too taxing to burn a game to CD in comparison. )

But of course, the ball - as always - is in System 3's court.
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