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i zoned a AntiVirus-Boot.adf - which has the very good VirusTest V3.17.
only trouble , it is in german - but has some english "instructions" - messages.

disk is bootable - so just start a new winuae session - insert the antivirus-boot.adf and boot with "quickstart 1200" setup.

insert your infected adf ( or a copy of it ) now in df0:

once started it ask to search for polishvirus , push "ja" ( yes ).
next on mainscreen try these scan-methods:
BlockITest, FileTest and BlockKette - > push the DF0: button next to the scan-method-area.

some kind of viruses need BlockKette others need Filetest to get removed ,
just try until you get a message about repair "loschen" - cannot recall exactly.

if you are unsure about a command, message, make a screenshot and post it here, someone will translate

zoned: How to enter the Zone

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