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Thanks Phantom

The puzzles and characters have all been implemented now. We only had a few originally but Predseda and I have managed to 'flesh out' the level with more people to interact with so there's now a purpose to visiting pretty much every part of the map. The map still needs a bit of tweaking as do the placements of some of the enemies as it's a bit frustrating as it is. Also a few bits to 'tidy up' but nothing that hinders the gameplay as such so that's not so bad.

I hope to have this demo level out in the New Year sometime - it's taken a bit longer than expected to get to this point but it's all going pretty well now The full game will take a lot longer as we're currently planning to include four different levels but I would love to get it finished in 2014. I hope so anyway.

Regarding music... for now I'm going for a four-channel music and ditching the SFX, at least for the demo. Will see how that goes.
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