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Ok Ok..
This is getting out of hand. I agree that nothing is better than the Real Thing which was mentioned. But my Real Thing (A1200) no longer works. I still have it and all my 5,000+ disks which I did transfer over to the PC before the A1200 died. But I still have had 0 problems running any games using ADF floppy emulation. WHD games have also worked fine...although I havent tried alot of them just 10 or so. JST games I have tried with 0 problems as well. Just to end this hopefully I am posting my configs for Trodas to try. My PC runs everything Ive tried aside from the 3 I mentioned, and some of the ones Trodas mentioned earlier that supposedly didnt work, also work fine for me as well.

The next couple messages will include my configs. (I dont know if I can post more than one in a single message)

BTW: AmigaOS 3.9 runs fine and loads with lighting speed for me. The key is JIT. Always use JIT for Workbench emulation if you want speed. But dont use it for floppy emulation.
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