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...guys, come on!

First at all, i want clear a BIG mistake there. When i say HIRES, its 640x256 - so - NONLACED. Thats what the sprites and GFX into game should look, including your ship.
Its pretty visible on the ship, during slow rotation, take a look please!

Second - the only ONE place where interlaced sprite is used is the game menu itself - and i know that, because on PicassoIV it displays the even lines EMPTY (because PIV FliFi take the whole screen as LowRes nonlace, and therefore the lines get lost). On CV3D scandoubler and most (if not all ) others this SHOULD work fine.

Excluding WinUAE, what get also confused by it, displaying onyl a rectangle of garbage there.

The fact why "should" is, that this is one of the WHDload SSD glitches - there are still free lines into the arrow and it jumps when "rotating over", because - as Philippe told me - the game switch to another set - so, it might not even be laced, just a sort-of-weird done. I dont remember exactly, i ask.

But it works othervise on every my Amigas, including WinUAE
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