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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
If you're happy they are dicking people around, then thats fine,
Jump to conclusions much?

I never said I was happy about it..
There's a huge difference between not being pissed and being happy...

If they were a wonderful responsive business, that would be awesome..
However, when it comes down to it, if they have a product I like and I want it, I'll probably buy it... (Unless I don't trust the company)

Now, if there are options, I might choose those..
But if they are the only ones selling Babylonian Twins and I want it, then that's the route I will probably go..

Of course, if they made the box out of freshly clubbed baby harp seal skins.....

Well, I'd probably still buy it.. Those guys are way to cute to exist..

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