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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I love you Galahad/FLT, but I'm not sure I totally agree...

Well, a curt e-mail is generally the best way to get them in a positive mood to respond.

As several people have stated on here that they would be willing to spend more than that, and I'm sure have responded to their sign it already, that doesn't help credibility there..

er.. From their perspective, some guy on the internet has given them an ultimatum.. Uh oh..
Some of us aren't too bothered and will be willing to pay more than $5...

Just saying..

Then I guess when they said they would release it five years ago, shouldn't hold them to that?

Put simply, we are the customers, if they expect or want us to pay for it, I think its a rather important part of the whole seller/buyer relationship to not piss off your PAYING customers.

If you're happy they are dicking people around, then thats fine,just don't expect much sympathy when you're still waiting another five years for the games release.
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