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Originally Posted by sokolovic View Post
It's a bit off topic but since you were speaking of the lack of chipram of the CD32, I'd like to understand something. The MegaCD got only 512kBit of ram. How is it possible for him to run games like Final Fight, Flink and others ?
I may understand that with a cardridge there is no problem since the game is directly loaded from the rom but if it's reading directly from CD how is it possible for this machine to run such games ? Flink on the CD32 is much more uglier then the Mega CD version, Wonderdog also, and a part of Microcosm, almost every games that the two consoles shares are better on the Mega CD...
As said above it's coded to expect 2MB RAM, and on top then uses it in a slightly inefficient way. AGA Amiga == at least 2MB ram so stands to reason you'd code expecting to be able to make use of all of it.

Mega CD games would have been coded with the expectation of 512kbit RAM, and load and ditch stuff in and out of RAM where necessary.
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