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Big grin Getting better

Amigaboy - "I don't want to sound like a dick..." - LOL! But you cartaingly sound! So, please, come on, spare me yours impotence and small dick problems
I mentioned my confing into another tread, but if you *MUST* have it and cant come w/O it, here you have it:
1,1Ghz P3, 256MB ram, 2x 80G Seagate4 7,2k RPM drives, GF2Ti, SoundBlasterLive 5.1 and 2 ethernet cards into Abit ST6R mainboard. Running Win2000 SP3 + hotfixes, latest beta detonators 42.60 (im nVidia developer, BTW) and kx soundrivers replacement over orginal SoundBlaster drivers.
...hope you come

Akira - yea, its not bad, after all I agree.

IFW - LOL! LOL LOL LOOOOL!!! I finding pretty funny, that someone with entire lack of knowledge trying to convice me, that he is right and im the asshole, who have no idea, what he talking about
I must come on this board more often, since its lots a fun there!!!
...come on IFW, get serious! Start with buying glases, you DEFINITIVELY need one, when you dont recognizing the diference between 50Hz scrolling on 50 and 100Hz screen
And no, you are wrong and im right.

TO ALL other =;-) - well, i come there to seek some help and ask why things are that way, into UAE, and not another What i find is a bunch of retards, who insults everyone, dont saying that there are "right"... =;-)
So, to HELP someone, the problem that coolors and such things as speed are gone come from my very lame configuration mistake I dont run the datect 16bit format, so, thats why. Now there is no speed diference into window/fullscreen mode =;-)
Bad is, that with OpenGl, performace is actually lower (?! thats ok ?!) that W/O it and also that my 1,1Ghz P3 cant manage nonjerkyng basic Turrican2 scrolling - it jerks very very slightly, but jerks. There and somewhere. Not happen on my Amiga, so... either there is slight sync problem, or its jsut not fast-enought.

Futhermore, it jerks exactly same, when i have 20+ IE windows, 2x IRC and ICQ and some more other programs running - as when i exit everything, including explorer and start WinUAE from the Tasks manager =;-)

And the OS 3.9 bb2 slow booting problem still remain. Im still not conviced that this is my fault, but suggestions wellcome =;-)
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