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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
I wasn't sure if the registers of the caller's task could be easily updated by the task-resuming code. I should have asked I'll update the code to use D0 as a return register then! I can also then allow the native functions to return a long value to the D0 register.
bsdsocket also uses this type of functions and they do work.

Amiga -> native code -> native code calls some Amiga library function -> Amiga side -> m68k code runs again -> back to native side -> final return to original Amiga side with return code in D0. I don't know how this works trap magic works, I only know it works

I do have another question though, in ahidsound_dsonly.cpp, the dll function calls are done with some inline assembly code instead of calling via a C function prototype. Is this a "hack" to make it work with both cdecl / stdcall calling conventions in libraries.
I have no idea. Most of it is not mine (mainly the dll check protection and some ahi modifications). Windows clipboard stuff is also mostly obsolete.
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