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Originally Posted by Riempie View Post
Yesterday, finally had some time to play the game (whdload) at my brother's house. He has an AT A1200, classic wb, with aca 030 28mhz 64 mb ram. It works great.

Today I tried it on my AT A1200, classic wb, witch aca 030 56 mhz 64 mb ram. After a first 'hang' at the logo screen, the game works fine after a reboot.

I can't remember if it's correct the in-game music has some interrupts while jumping with putty. It seems like the sfx of the jump has preference above some in-game music.

Is this normal? It's not disturbing, but I was wondering.

I already tried NOCACHE, but this doesn't change anything.

Thx for a great game!!
yes in the Amiga is normal for any game that sound fx interrupts music
the amiga have only 4 audio channels, that's not ideal to mix lot of sfx+music
Putty squad SNES version has even more sound fx than the Amiga version and such soundFX not interrupts music because the SNES have 8 audio channels
however the SNES version lacks Jason Page music which makes the Amiga version fantastic
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