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Visicalc was the very first spreadsheet and came out for the apple 2 and everybody who wanted to use it (quite a few) purchased apple 2's. By your logic beancounters should still be using apple 2's or apples current visicacl machine.. but they dont.

Killer apps come and go by platform.

I jumped from my C64 to a pc286 because I needed a real computer for college, and the 286 still could play games since it was a vga machine. I never even thaught about an amiga 2000 (the 1200 wasnt made yet) because colleges didnt use amiga's and most engineering software (if not all of it) was on the industry standard PC.

The A2000 was popular for the video toaster addon, but how many video toasters were actually needed anyway? People purchased a toaster and whatever hardware they needed to run it on, so they were not amiga users but can be classified as toaster users.

So what do you have then, home users still playing around with an A500 ( a machine that was made in the late 80's) with nothing coming out to compete with PC power in the early 90's. Every early 90's pc had more memory, better resolution (VGA), and a built in harddrive plus HD floppies.. the A500 didnt (a500 hard disks are still hard to find even today).

Also by the early 90's amiga games were multifloppy.. I hate swapping disks all the time, the HD was a killer device for gamers at that point. How many of the old amiga 500 games even let you install them on a amiga HD even if you could afford one?

Dont forget the sound blaster 16's gravis ultrasounds, and soundscape audio boards came out for the PC in the early 90's while the A500/A1200 still stuck with 8bit sound and no midi so even the great lead in sound of the amiga's was lost.

Dont blame bean counters on the fact that the amiga wasnt updated fast enough to be a killer game machine in the 90's. it loast its lead and even the A1200 was a letdown compared to what was out on the PC. Also since PC''s came standard with alot more memory they also had the better games at the time (most software makers all jumped onto the PC by the time of the 386). In the buisiness world amiga never had a foothold anyway. People using wordperfect in the office wanted to use thier pirated copy of wordperfect at home.

Once the amiga lost the edge in gaming there was nothing that would save the platform.. which is why commodore would have gone under even if it didnt lose money making clones of PC's , the a600, cdtv, and cd32. Their core market had basically gone to another platform.
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