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Nope, you're all wrong.

The reason the Wintel PC got to it's position of dominance is because of one thing and one thing only.

Lotus 1,2,3.

This was the ultimate killer app, as all the bean-counters had to have it. No option. Bean-counters have control of the purse strings, so when they want somthing, guess what. It gets bought.

Because the bean-counters have MS-Intel PC's, they could save money buy buying in bulk. So the more of their work colleagues who used them the more they could save, and they could then lay off all the clerks who's job it was to add things up.

Ergo, massive dominance of the business market, and what do people buy for home use, for playing games, or taking work home? Same shit they've got at work. So the dominance trasfers to the Home market as well.

Commodore shot themselves in the foot by trying to break into the PC market with overpriced, underpowered crap, that didn't have good enough back up for them to be a force in the business arena.

So the PC division went belly up and took the rest of the company with it. Which was all done for a pointless stupid gamble buy the greatest moron in business history, who NEVER understood what the best thing the company had going for it was all about. And I think we all know who that was?

The whole board should be strung up, drawn, dipped in salt, quatered, shot and burnt. And they still won't have suffered enough.

So, anyone wish to kick holes in the logic?
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