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It would be a good idea if the .dll or .so is NOT aware of being used by UAE.
Means, there should be no glue code on the x86 side. Why? Simply because you may want to use existing libraries that you don't want to contaminate with Amiga specific stuff or you don't even have the source code.

E.g. I wrote a synth.dll that is used by Windows and WinUAE software. On the 68K side, I have a synth.library that simply makes use of the very same .dll that is used for Windows software. Of course there is a pure 68K version of the synth.library too, but it is slower. Unfortunately, you cannot have them installed in parallel. So all environments the AmigaOS install runs on must be able to run this .dll. Alternatively, you could write a mixed-binary 68k library that runs 68K if the .dll is not found or if not running on a .dll capable system. But this is only possible if you own the library.
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