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I ended up wrecking my partitions trying to set up SFS last night, so I'll have to try again later this week. As for audio, well there is good news, Amithlon has a work around for the Paula chip which redirects all hardware hitting audio to AHI!
I'd kill to see something like that for MorphOS, that would open up so many doors!

Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Cool glad it works for you Steve, not all P96 systems fully support CyberGFX so not everyone will be able to run the RTG version. I don't normally bother doing RTG versions but I thought I'd do it for AmiDOOM

I guess someone with an overclocked 060 and a fast RTG card could probably run AmiDOOM in 640x480 at a playable speed (I can only manage 320x256) on my AGA A1200.

I've uploaded the Duke Nukem TC in the Zone for you to try, it is very demanding though. I've also added some Hexen skins (put the WAD in the AmiDOOM/Skins folder) then activate the chase cam within AmiDOOM.

I think that will only work if you set the 'nosound' Tool Type, must admit that I don't know much about Amithlon though.
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