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Genuinely remarkable stuff going on here. Several hats off to all involved in *finally* liberating the most holy of all Amiga grails! I admit I've not yet played the game (having only just downloaded it) but whatever its critical reception, the very fact it's now out there is nothing short of incredible.

Aren't we lucky that EAB still remains such a hotbed of skilled, talented and downright obsessive Amiga experts? Yes, the numbers of which have understandably dwindled over the years (the knowledge required to unleash this particular beast now a long-distant memory for many of the Amiga's erstwhile once-elite) but thankfully the right people were in the right place at the right time, and that's all that matters!

It's also a pity though, given that the great Putty Squad debate has been raging for almost 20 years, that many who would have appreciated this amazing news have since fallen by the wayside. So many attempts have been made to liberate this presumed vapourware without result that I suspect this news won't reach any of the hundreds of ex-Amigans who have long since given up.

Perhaps some of you with long memories might recall the website I set up in 1997 called Lazarus - a determined labour of love on my part to archive commercial releases for our favourite machine. Although Putty Squad fell outside of our remit (Lazarus being focused on deleted software available circa roughly 86-93) we quickly became matey with Amiga Power stalwarts Jonathan Nash and Stuart Campbell who were intrigued by our site. Amiga Power, of course, carried the PS demo on one of their coverdisks.

There were rumblings for a while regarding their review copy. It was thought it might be located among the detritus following the magazine's closure. I made the decision that, should we be able to unearth the full game and somehow make it playable via UAE (this was 1997, remember) that I'd immediately make it available and damn the consequences. Sadly, it wasn't to be. Until now.

So, what's next? What's number 2 on the list of Amiga Most Wanted? ;-)
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