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I used to work in the game industry for years, and I know the amiga hw like the back of my hand. I used to have a couple of Amigas with in fact various monitors, and I still have a few working ones.
I know the theory of how a display/dsiplaying images work, which is obviousy out of touch for you.
There is zero difference among 50, 100, 150Hz refresh on a (not tv appliacne based) monitor, apart from your eyes popping out if you watch 50Hz constantly... Not to mention most monitors support vertical refresh rates only from 56Hz.

If you run uae in a window and the screen update is out of sync, that is expected. You should use hw overlay graphics to prevent that, so long your card can support it. Set your screen to 100Hz and use hw overlay.

I was about to say that your lack of any knowledge suxx, but I simply don't care. Solve your own problems and save the people on this board from having to read them. Your problem suxx
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