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Originally Posted by dekarAF View Post
Yeah, there are some slowdowns on the original system indeed, but the Robocod slowdowns are more jerky, like stuttering. If you have the time, can you boot any version of James Pond 2: Robocod on your real A500 and see if there's any noticable slowdowns? E.g. in the first level/door, when the first moving platform is rendered on screen. I'm pretty sure I haven't noticed this occasional stutter before. Thanks in advance!
Yes, it starts skipping frames when platform is visible, can very clearly seen while jumping continuously at the same time.

A1000 tested, for some reason it refused to load on my real ECS A500, tried two different cracks, it loads and then gets stuck, just before title screen should appear. (Quickly checked with AR3 that it keeps waiting for disk block finished bit forever)
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