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Originally Posted by mailman View Post

After reading an interview with you I was wondering... If you obtained data that you had to remaster and put on the disks, it would suggest that not a single disk with the full version of the game existed. Do you think that back in 1994 any of the Amiga magazines that reviewed the game really had it? Was it another hoax of Amiga magazines?
Yes magazines did have the full game or near as could be. What people are forgetting is that System 3 don't have access to an A1200 anymore.

The disk system had nothing to do with John Twiddy, it was provided by Rob Northen, other than being able to use it, he had no knowledge of how it worked like a lot or programmers back in the day.

And most importantly, this was all 20 years ago.

Back in 1994 however, they would have had an A1200 and hard drive to master the game.
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