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Ok, I just tried using my old 2.6.x release of WinUAE and I have the same slowdowns there. It looks to me as the emulated Amiga isn't powerful enough, sort of, if you know what I mean. I get perfectly smooth scrolling in cracktros etc and in Turrican/Robocod 2 when there are few sprites on screen, but as soon as there's multiple animations at once then it slows down and gets jerky.

I've also tried disabling vsync, going from windowed to full screen etc. Still the same.

Maybe my A500 setup is wrong? AFAIK for A500 OCS games I'd want to use 68000CPU (obviously) and OCS chipset (cycle-exact checked, right?), 1/2 meg chip, 1/2 meg slow.

Update: I tried unchecking Cycle-exact in "Hardware -> Chipset" and the stuttering disappeared, although I got noticable input lag instead. Weird..?

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