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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers are some what similar to the A1200, according to Wikipedia 95,000 A1200's in Germany

The CD32 entry says 100,000 for Europe although that could be just be figures from Commodore in Germany again, but even if it is just Europe there is still the rest of the world and it seems like they did get around.

They appear on eBay more often than not and it seems like more people have them on EAB these days.

Suffice to say there are plenty to go around for people still into Amiga.

I would be interested to know if System 3 talked about a CD32 version back in the day.
Sorry I totally disagree. A1200 sales dwarfed the CD32.

If I can get Putty Squad working on CD32, be happy with that, but any talk of doing anything more with it is futile, its not going to happen.

I don't have the required permission to use the source code to do anything other than what i've done, I don't even have permission to do a CD32 version, but the fact that I can use a the RNC CD32 loader and not altering the game at all, likely won't bother System 3 at all.

Going further than that, its just not going to happen, so please folks, lets not clutter this thread up with wishes, lets only concern ourselves with getting it working on CD32 and leave it at that
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