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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
I'm pretty sure a free Amiga version wouldn't have hurt the mobiles sales much or at all, but now offering a "Collector Edition" only when enough people show interest and that after the game is being sold for 4 years seems very 'odd' considering the story about EAB discovering the long lost game is still part of their front page story. Several people showed up here and boosted the threads with promises to basically just lure people to buy the full version on mobile platforms if they liked the demo. No response for 5 years afterwards doesn't make me feel like putting my money into their hands even if I planned to do it back then. They sure have every right to do what they like with their IP, but so do I with my money
Exactly. I've sent them a rather curt email along those lines.
It is their product, but I take exception to them claiming that it was going to be released FIVE years ago, and then nothing.

Then they deliberately stay away from EAB, the place that arguably got them back together and in the frame of mind to do IOS and Android versions, and then climb out of the woodwork to 'offer' Amiga owners a $15-30 version, at a significantly raised price over the superior phone versions and expect people to forget that they made a POINT of ignoring us.

I've stated in explicit terms that no-one is interested in paying anything like that, $5 would be the max, and they need to do something NOW.

I've also stated that its simply not fair to string people along, either release or state that it will NEVER be released.

System 3 got a LOT of bad publicity over Putty Squad which I think is fair to say, they turned around.

Unless the Babylonian Twins team want the same publicity to happen to them, they need to get on it, no more guff and bollocks.

20 years is long enough, we shouldn't tolerate their delays any longer.

If you want people to PAY for your game, don't piss off your customers over a period of five years and expect them to be happy about it.

I've given them until Jan 8th 2014 to make a decision, but no more giving them room to wriggle, release or don't release, but no more delays, answer by Jan 8th.

And I urge others to be of the same mind and tell them so, give them until Jan 8th to make a firm commitment.
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