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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Should be fixed now. It CPU writes to BPLCON0 (copper is used for color changes only) and in some rare situations when CPU didn't have as many free bus cycles, write was done one color clock cycle too late..
Thats really really great, so you managed to solve the all problematic demos from "most likely CPU emulator timing" issues ... Well done!

JFI ... I was yesterday testing some demos from "blitter active" issues and notice following changes in behaving:
Pax Americana by Complex -> garbage looks now different than before !
Expiration (Demo) by Mayhem -> glitches also looks different now than before !
Vector Bobs (Demo) by It -> no more garbage in scrolltext now !

Regarding demo Meeting Intro (Intro) by Disknet, we mostly focused on glitches from rotating cube ... but there is also happens some garbage in scrolling text below it, and it sometimes return again to normal ... does the same garbage on scrolling text happens on a real Amiga ?!

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