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Hmm I'm not gonna throw mire shit into the fan, I'll just say that as much as a Real ThingĀ© lover I am, I find WinUAE to be an extremely fine piece of software. it's one of the few emulators I use from time to time, just becasue it's that fab.

In no way it's better than the Real ThingĀ© in my opinion, but it's a mighty fine job and Toni really cares about the project and hears everyone's problems and suggestions. Something you can't say about a lot of emu creators. ("I quit da sk3n3 and cancel the em00! I have been emailed by 3 lamaz asking for r0mz0rz!" sort of shite)

By the way, if you want REAL digital joysticks, get yourself a Catweasel Mk3. WinUAE already has support for it
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