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Major one incoming!

Globdule (1993)(Psygnosis)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr CSL].adf - 0f6eeb73
Globdule (1993)(Psygnosis)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr CSL].adf - 51856e02
Duff crack I'm afraid. To summarise quickly:

1) A checksum check was missed that would cause some oddities throughout the game.
2) The crack is only good for before the Psygnosis screen anyway, yet they left it to continue checking for a routine which no longer matters anymore because you're never asked for a code again, and they duplicated the crack across both disks, which meant you couldn't use any other version of Disk 1 or 2 in conjunction because it would trigger an access fault and crash the system.
3) Whichever member of Crystal cracked it obviously didn't test it far enough, as they'd be aware that it would crash without fail at a specific level in the game, thanks to their cracktro replacing important level data at the very end of the disk! As a result, it's impossible to complete the game, both because of the non-working level *and* the aforementioned inability to use a good Disk 1 due to Crystal's incompetence! (Mind you, this game must not have been popular enough for anyone to alert them back then so that they (or anyone else) could do a "fo'-realz 101%!!!" release.)

To add to all the fun, this is the only known crack of the game out there.

....or at least it was, until I uploaded a brand new crack by yours truly in the Zone just now. More details are in the included readme.
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