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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
This is now confirmed working 100% correctly! I did more A500 tests, booted it 5 times, 3 times it worked without glitches, 2 times it had identical glitches! Must be a buggy demo. (I only tested it once last time..)

Same in emulation, sometimes it works, sometimes it has glitches.
Well, regarding Liquid-Glenz (Demo), when it glitches in emulation and after a some little longer time it write screen with something and also stops to work ... does it really happens same on a real A500 ECS 1mb ?!

EDIT: Also the demo is from mid. 1994 -> ... and also works fine in emu on A500+ (ECS Full) ...
It could be that its not made for A500 at all ?!
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