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Wow, thats really great ... so both is now confirmed to working/behaving same on a real Amiga, except for Meeting Intro when it running on a real Amiga with 1mb chip seems to not glitches, but on emulation QS A500 ECS 1mb it still glitches.

Anyway, all in all, still very impressive achievement regarding accuracy in Amiga 500 emulation.

It seems I forgot to mention yesterday the last demo left in "most likely CPU emulator timing" issues:

Demo by Dope ->

I have tested it little more today:
after it starts on screen and from some 18 seconds the logo glitches very quickly ...
I have also counted when this glitches happens in seconds: 18, 23 ... 40, 45 ... 67 ... 81 ... 98 ... 113 ...149 ... 157 ... etc.

Now wondering does it behaves same on a real Amiga ?!
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