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Now got GSX750F :))
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Sorry, should have added running 800x600 on my widescreen TV (smug mode on) so yes I'm using P96 and it's AIBB and progs like it that show the problem.

One thing I do note from the posts, is that it appears that there are some strange people using the 24bit zorro II 8MB limit RAM. Personnaly, unless I was emulating a GVP HD series II RAM expansion or similar, I wouldn't bother having ANY 24bit RAM as this is slower (even under emu) than the zorro III ram which uses full 32bit access direct from the CPU.

Unless you're using a prog that requires this type of RAM - and other than util's for testing it, I wouldn't of thought there are any - it serves no good point, other than for accuracy of the emu. I have never used it, and don't expect to ever need it.

Still no responce on the 060 and/or PPC though Toni any chance at all? Pretty please with suger and sprinkles on top?
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