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Originally Posted by IrekĀ“72 View Post
First, you need to trigger the trap in the floor in front of the MG, the big worm comes out and blocks the shots of the MG for a few secounds, then you can quickly jump to the right.

This game is not exactly easy to play and Enemy 2 is the sequel to the first game, it might be wise to try the first game and then start with the second.

We (me, my brother and my son) have played it a few days ago a little bit, and we ties up to level 7.

A few codes from the German version could help you with this issue (only for frustrated users )
thanks master
I finished level 2 and continuing playing up to level 6 which I stopped playing for now
this game is very very hard, but is really good,(I like it now )
it could be a commercial game,developers of this game put a lot of effort
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