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There is definitely something funny with these ADF files. I managed to do the WHDLoad install fine, but when it comes to writing the images to a real floppy, I just cant get it to work.

I am following the instructions that came with the files to the letter, I use DiskWiz as it says and use new floppy disks, the actual write process seems to go without problems, but when I insert the floppy it just says DF0:NDOS if I insert disk 2 it says DF0utt if I attempt to open either disk I just get a screen flash.

If I attempt to boot from disk 1 all that happens is a scrolling rainbow effect is seen on screen and the disk activity light is permanently lit. It will not boot the game.

I have an A1200 with 3.1 roms and an 030 card with 64mb ram.

I'm sure I am doing something wrong, but have not worked out what yet. Any ideas?
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