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Flash update for ACA500:

- start of the menu on a warm start with mouse button is now safer
- some systems showed funny behaviour like random expert menu settings and star field not appearing. Fixed.
- Guru messages would not always display due to our serial debug output triggering Rom Debugger to be activated. Workaround has "possible fix"-status (experimental), please test and report back!
- RAM won't be modified any more if menu is not started
- acamaprom stability updates
- other minor updates

How to flash: Unzip the file and put it in the root directory of a FAT-formatted CF card. Insert this card into the AUX slot of the ACA500, remove the boot card. Now switch the computer on and enter the expert menu by pressing F10. Then press F to run the flash update. Follow the instructions on screen and don't panic if the power LED starts blinking :-)

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