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I have just finished with verifying A500 OCS/ECS demos/intros (mostly), so its time for small summary:

In last >15 weeks has been tested >10.200 A500 OCS/ECS demos/intros ... what would mean cca 100 demos/intros per day.

Yeah, it sounds now too much crazy and masochistic, but at beginning I planned to test only a small number of demos - even not more than a few hundreds, but this happened, so from now all could enjoy an improved WinUAE A500 CE emulation ... and also all this thanks to Toni who has managed to solve/fix the most of problems found in emulation. Thanks again Toni.

With this ends the period of intensive testing demo/intros ... and what still has not been tested in this round, are all other categories like crack intros, music demos, packdisks, slideshows, diskmagazines and etc., even some of has already been tested but in a negligible number.

Happy New Year to everyone !!!
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