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Originally Posted by XDelusion View Post
I managed to get it running under WinUAE at long last, still wish my 1200 was working though. Anyhow, as soon as I get more time, I want to explore this in depth. With the RTG support I also would like to give it a go on Amithlon!

Now this has me wondering, how hard would it be to add in AHI support so this could also run on MorphOS machines?
Cool, glad it's finally working for you

Always use the latest (patched) original WAD file, it seems to like that.

V1.06 is on AmiNet now, it's got different timer code which may help it to run faster on a wider range of configs. I can now run DOOM full screen (320x256) on my A1200 at a playable speed

With the Audio I had a choice of either going AHI or going native ASM with MUS music support. The only reason for switching to AHI would be if I could plug in a MIDI emulator (lots of work).

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Any chance for network support on this?
Sorry, this would be a lot of effort for me with almost no return (eg hardly anybody would even bother using it).
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