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I have the hard drive install from the real game. However it still needs that pesky bootdisk, so it can reboot and have all the ram it can get. Even though I have twice the required amount and could run it directly from Workbench.

I don't suppose WHDLoad can utilise that version? I have the 5mb install in a folder on my Amiga HD, but no longer have the floppy disks.

Would be handy, last time I used the SS bootdisk it trashed my Work partition

Originally posted by trodas
UAE have obivously BIG probems with hires-laced sprite over lowres nonlaced screen with palete change every second frame (the rotating arrow into SuperStardust menu)...
I didn't even know games ever used this function, certainly haven't noticed sprites in SS shimmering. In fact the only place I see it used is on the Workbench pointer
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