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I don't want to sound like a dick, but I'm afraid that's how this is going to sound....

Learn how to configure the emulator before you start pissing and moaning about how much it sux! You've been posting paragraphs of crap!

Never have you said anything useful such as your PC specs! Maybe the reason that the emulator slows to a crawl for you, is because you're using a 386 SX-25?

It's been said before, but I'll restate that Toni and the rest of the UAE team have worked continuously trying to make this piece of software the best of it's kind

If you really want to help out, give Toni a proper report.

My PC spec is:
386 SX 25
2mb ram
Soundblaster 16
12 inch mono monitor
MS DOS 5.0

I'm using UAE 0.000000032

My config is:
256kb Chip ram
68000 CPU
I don't have a kickstart ROM

The problem happens on the game:
Sex Game v1.0 (1990)(Cult)[h Adept]
CRC: ffdb54de

The problem is:
When I masturbate, I don't enjoy it as much as when I'm playing this game on my real Amiga.

The exact moment it happens is when:
The emulator starts but I don't even see the Amiga Kick 1.3 hand, but I can see my hand on my dick


The biggest Douche in the universe award goes to:
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