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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
^ this.

I appreciate that lots would have loved to have played it in the past, but the past is gone, and for whatever reasons it wasn't released, nothing can be done about it.

Let's just enjoy it for what it is and move on and not hold grudges, because there's plenty of other completed games that likely will never see the light of day.

Be thankful we have it, and not necessarily linger on just how long it took to get here.
I kind of like the fact that its getting released now. Think about it. A brand new, high quality game with great scores from all the Amiga mags released in 2013!

The Amiga homebrew scene isn't as vibrant as the C64s and we're lucky if we get a PD version of Snake or tanx once every blue moon.

I've never even played the demo of Putty Squad, so I installed the full WHDload version for the first time on my A1200 and had a go. Great stuff. Amazing to look at. Tight controls. What a gem and what a frigging great xmas gift.

Kudos to System 3 the EAB team who brought it too us and all the other members here on EAB. I'm sure our whining got this thing off the ground also

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