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...well, well...

Toni - and i dont care how it run with A500 emulation at all. WHDload or die When you once try the comfort, you never ever can come back In fact, i dont even own Turrican2 on floppy images, so - this is not possible for me to even try, desplite the fact, that its out of my sight.
A500? Hell, who cares!
And i hapilly buy faster config, when there is a reason for I mean - first the display should nto lost his colors and become defective and THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT SPEED.
First things must WORK!!!
...and im not complaining. I just mention, what happens there, when i want to try the fullscreen mode - colors get wrong and speed drop to snail speed. Thats all. When WinUAE manage +- good performace into window - i dont need better HW to show me the same on lover resolution in fullscreen.

IFW - ipf file? WTF?!?! ...and i DONT going to discuss with you about refreshes anymore, please, spare me from your blind eyes, thx The fact is, that wheather actuall refresh dont match the reall one, you get ghosting. If you dont see that, you are blind as bat OR you never ever seen real Amiga on real C=1084S monitor doing 50Hz scrolling, while image is STILL sharp as when you dont move. Thats the diference between 50, and 100 or 150 Hz.
End of discussion about it from my side.
It may sound arrogant, but i dont have time to explain entire basic about eyes, lminofor delays and such things to explain what even half-blind man must see.

And please! Dont even bother to read my config elsewhere or asking me about my 17" Eizo F520 monitor =:-DDD
You answer is pretty usedless, because as i wrote - in window - i get normal game, on fullscreen - colors get fucked up completely and with OpenGL - things are only worser. Regardless what i set into refresh.
If you dont bother to read what i write - dont bother to post big, interesting - but sadly completely usedless and enterly wrong into basic post. Thx.

Bootay - anything wrong with my english? =8-))) Or how else that "it suxx" you can rate situation, when from windowed good speed (oround the 50fps) things get completely fucked up on fullscreen? Colors wrong, huge framerate drop... etc. ...???
It seems you are satisfacted WinUAE user, dude =8-))) I have got a very big problems to even RUN some games. Some just DONT and NEVER EVER work. For example TrexWarrior. Or even IIRC GoldenAxe - only under WHDload they work. OTOH, AllTerrainRacing i dont manage to run EVEN with WHDload... =8-(((( I try from the diskimages, tought (SIGH!)...
Well, your machine is interesting, but i have very MAJOR problems with fullscreen - while into window games runs acceptable. Tommorow i tried very chipset-nasty game Overkill, and except big GFX glitches it runs acceptable (when all sprite collisions are turned off) - it dont jerk even when whole screen are full of objects =8-O Whoa.
But it dont display part (left) of it screen and also when dont run demos like Tint/TBL and ThugLife/Essence - and many others - i strongly believe that the 020+ part of emulation need very strongly more compatibility
Now is time to test the ATR from disk images...
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