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Originally Posted by nittamituaki View Post
Dear Sandro,
Try using "relokick 1.3"disk,first.
Once I tested winuae(standard A1200 setting) and CD32+Analogic FDD.
Both works fine (correct gaming-speed and fair collision) if we use relokick1.3 .

Wooow,other challengers...!!
I know all of this game (using save state as cheat),
but this title is one of **TOP** hardest game ever made for amiga, I think.
No one cannot beat this amiga version without cheat(save state,etc) in this world,right?
C64 version and Atari800 version's difficulty were just "for babies" !!

so you are saying that using A1200 config then relokick then load the game will work?
which enemies could be killed?

the atari800 version is different, also is not an helicopter but seems is better than this
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