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Without any of this turning into flame wars...
I have a few things to add to this.

I think that some of the things Troda is saying may be a little you can tell his english is a little he may be using words that seem harsher than what he means them to be. This happens alot in these forums. (forums in general not just this one)

I may be wrong though.

Also...I dont understand half the problems people seem to have with WinUAE...I havent had ANY major problems...every game i have played (and believe me I have ALOT) has worked 100% like the original when I played it on my A1200. WinUAE is a damn fine Emu..and probably the only one you will find that will run as many pieces of software that it does for the Amiga. Every game I have tried works great except Alien Breed 3D 1 & 2..and Super Stardust I had a few glitches with...but COME ON...thats only 3 games out of hundreds. And it can be and probably will be fixed to run these titles in the future I'm sure. (I am talking on the floppy adf image side).

On the HD/Workbench emulation side I still havent had hardly any problems aside from the interlaced stuff. But I also recall a mention of that being worked on so biggie.

There has most definatly been alot of work put into this, and I for one love this Emulator.

The key is your PC hardware mixed with your config. You really need to play around alot until you have your config files set up perfect and it really helps to have Amiga knowledge as well on the hardware side so you know you are setting the config up to run exactly like the machine you are trying to emulate. As I said before...after playing around alot with the configs I have found the perfect 100% A500 and A1200 configs. And every title runs 100% smooth scrolling etc. on my machine aside from the 3 I mentioned. My PC specs are:

P4 1.8Ghz
1gig RAM
Soundblaster Audigy

I dont really know what else to say, if anyone is having problems with titles not running and has a PC with specs close to or matching mine, I will be happy to provide my configs.

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