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Originally Posted by nittamituaki View Post
It's similar situation to "Super Stardust"?
Floppy disk version requires surely 2MB so we couldn't boot only chip ram (for example, my system, cd32+ analogic FDD).
But CD32 version (without FDD) could boot successfully.

Kang-Fu and Wendetta (CD32 and Amiga CD compatible) are also similar.
I don't know why these games boot without Fast RAM as CD32 mode,however,
there is some *HINTs* for "Putty Squad for standard CD32 version" in these scheme...(It seems nightmare, though.)

Btw I forgot to post for thank you about adf version of Putty squad.
Thank you so much!! (Now I enjoyed on winuae with kick34006 from my real CD32.)
Just a quick thought,

Two System 3 games that were made available for the Amiga CD32 used a disk loader which worked quite well and Galahad is probably familiar with it.

Perhaps that could be used here?

[Myth: History In The Making CD32]

Myth [exe]

[Last Ninja 3 CD32]

NINJA3 [exe]

Although interestingly Putty aka Super Putty on the CD32 just used AmigaDOS files.

I wouldn't use that RNC Loader that is on various other CD32 games due to it being buggy and unreliable and I don't mean bad CD-R's I mean actual official games.

Games like Worms, Cannon Fodder, James Pond 3. Have all been prone to hiccups when loading, or just crashing. Tested on a few CD32 consoles.

Anyway, Great work on mastering the disks for Putty Squad and may it continue.

I'll put a vote here.

Forgot to add, nittamituaki.

Have you tried Aladdin, Global Gladiators and Cool Spot on the FDD for your CD32?
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