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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
I never said anything about it for free
The use of the word "ransom" threw me off..
I kind of attach that to asking for payment...

Originally Posted by bippym View Post
They promised an amiga release 5 years ago.
System 3 promised an Amiga release almost 20 years ago.. ;-)
Patience is a virtue.. ;-)
And they did release a demo, so it's not like they did nothing.
Moving over to a platform that can make them money? Hmmm.. Kind of makes sense to me..

Some people have no interest in paying that much. That's always the option for any game for sale..
Some don't mind..

There are some awesome homebrews (Vectrex ones come to mind) that I would LOVE to have, but they are asking more money than I'm willing to pay.
But I hold no bad thoughts in any way towards them.

Besides, it's not like, if they release the game for some people at a price of $30 or so, you won't be able to get it for free some (probably very short) time after that..
This is the Amiga we are talking about.. ;-)

Have a good one..

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