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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
No as putty squad uses all of 2meg of chipram, there's no memory left for AmigaDos or whdload.
It's similar situation to "Super Stardust"?
Floppy disk version requires surely 2MB so we couldn't boot only chip ram (for example, my system, cd32+ analogic FDD).
But CD32 version (without FDD) could boot successfully.

Kang-Fu and Wendetta (CD32 and Amiga CD compatible) are also similar.
I don't know why these games boot without Fast RAM as CD32 mode,however,
there is some *HINTs* for "Putty Squad for standard CD32 version" in these scheme...(It seems nightmare, though.)

Btw I forgot to post for thank you about adf version of Putty squad.
Thank you so much!! (Now I enjoyed on winuae with kick34006 from my real CD32.)
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