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I think Commodore got it wrong right from the start. They seemed to push the Amige line as an alternative to the IBM compatible PC - I think they should have pushed it as a replacement of the IBM-PC.

I mean - they released an IBM-compatible hardware/software add-on to make the Amiga IBM compatible - WHY???. They may has well have said "If you want to run buisness software you'll need IBM compatibility, if you want to do something else look at the Amiga". They should have concentrated on either porting or writing Amiga-equivilent (or better) apps for those commonly used on the IBM-PC.

Also I would have looked at stopping all product development except for the Amiga line, but keeping up production of the Commodore 64 at the lowest retail price possible (ie: Kill the 16/plus4/128/PC clones/C64GS).

The CDTV may have been a success if released with worthy software.
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