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Originally posted by Steve
Antiriad surely you must be joking! Releasing the AGA Amiga 1200 in 1990/91 with an 030 or 040 with a CD drive would have been incredibly expensive at the time. Not only to develop but to sell as well. All those great features would have forced the price to well over £1000 no problem. So much for it being an entry-level machine. The only way Commodore could sell this monster of a machine to joe public would be to sell it at a hugely reduced price. Commodore would have gone bust in a matter of weeks if they had followed this route.
If they were smart they would have built the boards with a built in upgrade socket, kind of like intel soldering a sx25 486 into the motherboard but having a socket for a full 486 DX chip that takes over once installed (1 motherboard.. multiple chip settings something they should have learned from the intel architecture). That way they can sell the entry level systems and the resellers could easily upgrade them to buisiness class by adding 1 chip. Also why the hell couldnt they use standard 30 pin simms for memory upgrades on the board? Commodore always skimped on the amount of ram they had standard. If the A500/1200 had a built in scsi controller adding industry standard external devices would have been easy and simple so cdroms would not have had to be standard but could easily be added later. The power brick could have been made better with a better rating.

Oh and how about a high density disk drive on the A1200.. did they have a huge stock of old drives or something?
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