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I'll admit to feeling a touch of giddyness on Xmas Eve when I checked - of all places - the WHDLoad site (I seem to look at it each day now out of interest) and noticed not only the first "New: XXXX (XXXX) done by Codetapper" in an ice age , but the fact the game's name was "Putty Squad". Without the "Demo" at the end. That's when I rushed over to EAB to check out the news for myself, followed by a visit of System 3's page, then to the download link, and then my contribution to their download counter. (Would it be okay to redownload it a few more times just to bump it up?)

Must remember to join System 3's FB page to give them a little thanks and a Happy Christmas. A big thanks of course must also go to Santa Galahad!
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