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What a great Xmas gift! Thanks System3 and Galahad!

Some questions to Galahad:

1) You mentioned that there were binaries in the archive given to you by System3. So was the version that was sent to all the magazines back in 1994 in that archive?

2) For all the John Twiddy fans out there: Can you provide some trivia on the code? Like:
a) How many lines is the code?
b) Is it well commented or are there rarely any comments?
c) Is it all in a single file or spread across multiple files?
d) What was the newest timestamp in the archive you were given? I.e. when was Putty Squad touched last? Were there any changes later than 1994?

3) Were there any signs of plans for a Mega Drive (Genesis) version of the game? e.g. abstraction of some routines for the Mega Drive (which also uses a 68000). A Mega Drive prototype of Putty Squad has recently surfaced on ebay... see here:

4) Any signs for the IBM PC version in the code?

Now that contact to John Twiddy has been established, maybe you can do an interview with him about all his Amiga work for your site?

By the way, why is Twiddy not credited for First Samurai at ?
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