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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
When did you have the disks in hands galahad.
You surely enjoyed to posts like if you didn't knew about the release while you had the disks !
Perhaps we shouldn't share it on real amiga disks too.
I hope everybody will respect the rules : not spread the game, no ftp, no links on eab etc... Please show the world that the amiga community grows and we are no more childish. Keep in mind that if all goes well perhaps others compagny will do it, and perhaps system 3 still have amiga games demos or else. This point is really important.
Originally Posted by sokolovic View Post
Thank you everybody for this. Can't wait to play this game on my 1200.

Galahad, you are speaking of a CD32 version. If it happens will it be only released on System 3 website also ?

Another question : System 3 want the game only to be downloaded via their website. Is it in order to "test" the Amiga market ?

Thanks for all anyway, really !
I don't know in honesty, I was thinking of doing it as a complimentary release.

The limitation on where to download the adds will be lifted in the new year, its just so System 3 can gauge just how much interest there was in it after all this time and demand.
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