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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
You knew nothing more than anyone else, the messages you're talking about were posted on FACEBOOK by John Twiddy in PUBLIC for EVERYONE to read.
Ok i saw the message now, but it was from the 6th of december and sorry i didn't knew about it and it was a little of your fault because you was always joking with the release like if you didn't beleive about it and you had the disk , really funny.
Ok i did a mistake i should have write : i knew 4 days before other amigans.
But the fact is : i did a mistake but it doesn't make me a liar.
Sorry for the misunderstood but never tell i'm a liar, i hate to lie, when you are like me, this is something you hate.
It's just even crazy because i thought that i have to keep it secret, i tried to don't speak about it and everybody knows just 4 days after me.
I should read more in depth the thread before taking conclusions.
Look in your messages i'll give you infos about an unreleased amiga game which you should have a look. And i'm not lying lol.

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