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I receive the answer by email from john twiddy the 2nd of december.
Sorry but i didn't notice at that time that he wrote on facebook that he is in contact with the amiga communitty to deliver the game . And why then he ask me to don't post it on forums before their final annoucement ?

I don't care about all of this, i'm happy to finally have the game, But please stop to say i lie! why do you want i would lie ???? I didn't know that all the amiga community knew about it before the 2 nd of December ! when i had my answer from john it was enough for me.
Why i could have writen to system 3 if i knew that they announce it through facebook ??? But are you sure they announce it so soon ?
Galahad with all the respect i have for you don't say i'm a liar ! it's not fair.
ps: i just send you my conversations through emails with system 3 and jhon twiddy.

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