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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
You can dream, the reality is that's not true
i didn't know that it was you who had it but i have an answer from john twiddy who explained me what was planned... And i receive a second email from system 3 who ask me to don't talk about it !!!
Don't tell than i'm a liar i don't accept it.
If you want to have an email copy no problem for me... I hate the guys who lie, don't speak about me like this.
I spooke about this with 2 guys before today : leilo 20 days ago and codetapper and codetapper didn't tell me he had the disk but it was the 8th of december.
Then you can ask to codetapper or leilo before saying i'am a liar ! The only thing i didn't know was who will released it, who from the amiga community was working on it.
ps: Merry Christmas

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